Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitch Montreal was established by the Previous Rebbe 80 years ago, and has stood as a bastion of learning ever since. Under the guidance of our Rebbe, Yeshiva has turned out graduates who have proudly taken their places as Rabbonim, Shluchim, professionals and leaders of their communities.
At Yeshiva we know that it is not just organized learning, but creative, extra-curricular activities that provide the interaction necessary for a well rounded education. Through your generous support, we are able to educate, as well as inspire, our dear students through various projects that are coordinated and sponsored by the YTTL Ladies Auxiliary.
Today, more than ever before, Torah learning has to come alive for our children. In the merit of your support and increased generosity, may we witness the fulfillment of the Rebbe’s prophesy that “The time of your Redemption has arrived,” and “Moshiach is coming now!”
The YTTL Ladies Auxiliary expresses heartfelt appreciation to:
Devorah Leah Berkowitz, Valerie Delouya, Chani Hayward, Yana Levin, Lucy Plotkin, Marge Polowin, Chani Zirkind
Rabbi S.Z. Berkowitz, Rabbi Mendy Bresinger, Yossi Drihem, Rabbi Leibel Fine, Yossi Gansbourg, Mendel Krasnanski, Mr. Mordechai Nelken, Rabbi Abba Perelmuter, Rabbi Rabin
For your sincere involvement in the mini auction.
The educational success in Yeshiva is enhanced by your support.
May Hashem bentch you and your families with health, happiness, and true Yiddishe nachas.
Thank you to all those who participated in this mini auction. It is through your support that we are able to educate and inspire our children to greater heights. Our heartfelt prayers for the immediate redemption.
Auction Committee: Matti Banon, Dina Krasnanski, Rivky Raskin, Chana Sharf, Nisel Vogel.