Prize 1: Tefillin Bag with Personalized Name.

Sponsored By: Iosi and Hana Kaprow Le’iluy Nishmas Simcha Bas Mazal And Avshalom Eliyahoo Le’iluy Nishmas Shula Bas Levi

Select a magnificent look from a choice of leather styles at Judaica Leather Designs.


Prize 2: Music By Avremel Zirkind

sponsored by: Music by Avremel and Ned Mahich

Can you feel the energy? Enjoy $400 towards Avremel Zirkind – one man band. Let the party begin!


Prize 3: Italian Hat By Bellissimo Hats

Sponsored By: Levi and Mushky Chayo

Choose one of the most elegant hats on the planet at the beautiful Bellissimo store, worth $300.


Prize 4: $300 Gift Card for Seforim

Sponsored By: Rabbi S.Z. Berkowitz, In Honor of Yosef Yitzchok Ben Bracha for a Refuah Shleimah.

Stock up your shelves with a gift card of $300 to a local Seforim store of your choice.


Prize 5: $1450 Gift Card for a Samuelsohn Suit.

Sponsored By:  Alan and Arlene Abramowitz

Dress to impress with a Samuelsohn suit. They use the finest fabrics sourced from the best mills in Europe, to create a luxury product that puts performance first.

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