Prize 1: $360 Gift Card to Never Wash A Dish

Sponsored By: Mrs. Chana Shuchat


Prize 2: $200 Gift Card to Fooderie

Sponsored By: Simi and Chana Wenger, Le’ilui nishmas Harav Hatomim Eliezer ben Mordechai Alav Hasholom and Chaya Risa Aleha Hasholom bas yibodel lechaim tovim Boruch Bendet Sheyiche


Prize 3: 1 Case of Gefilte Fish and 1 Case of Tuna

Sponsored By: Mr. and Mrs. Glassner


Prize 4: 1 Case of Lubavitch Chicken From Marvid

Sponsored By: Rabbi and Mrs. Junik


Prize 5: $100 Gift Card to Cite Cachere for Shabbos Takeout

Sponsored By: Moishie and Enny Rosenblum


Prize 6: $100 Gift Card to Noraka

Sponsored By: David Levi


Prize 7: $100 Gift Card to Yakimono Sushi Bar

Sponsored By: Mendy and Orly Mockin


Prize 8: $100 Gift Card to Pizza Pita Prime

Sponsored By: Pizza Pita Leiluy Nishmas Baila Bas Reb Chaim Avrohom Aharon Z”L Spigelman


Prize 9: $50 Gift Card to Luzzatto

Sponsored By: Luzzatto Restaurant


Prize 10: $50 Gift Card to District Bagel

Sponsored By: District Bagel

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