Prize 1: YTTL Raffle ticket for a chance to win $100,000

sponsored by: Anonymous

Receive 1 ticket in the YTTL raffle (worth $100) for a chance to win $100,000, which will take place in Adar Beis.


Prize 2: White Universal Plus Bosch Mixer

Sponsored By: Kettle and Cord and The Fisher Family

The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer has more power than ever. The new 500 watt motor is stronger than any previous models. The Baker’s Pack includes: Cookie paddles with metal drive, cake paddles and bowl scraper, and a dough hook extender for small batches.

This prize also includes the Stainless Steel bowl that will fit the whips and dough hooks. It also includes a splash ring and center cover.


Prize 3: $500 Gift Card towards STONE LAIN Dishes

Sponsored By: Mendy and Mushky Gansbourg

Elevate your joyous welcome of the Shabbos Queen to new heights by outfitting your table with a majestic set of regal dishes from Stone Lain Dishes. Select a set you love for 12-16.


Prize 4: $100 Gift Card to Linen Chest

Sponsored By: Linen Chest

Enhance your Shabbos table with sparkling glasses, elegant cutlery, or any item of your choice with a $100 gift card to Linen Chest.


Prize 5: White Tablecloth

Sponsored By: Discount Designer Linen

Give your dining room a new look with a designer tablecloth. Size 70” x 108”


Prize 6: Bais Yaakov Cookbook

Full of family-friendly recipes that are simple, delicious and down-to-earth, the Bais Yaakov cookbook is a must-have for anyone who wants to uplift their Shabbos, Yom Tov, and everyday table.

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